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AS 1170.4

Australian Standards AS 1170.4

Vaico’s objective of this Standard is to provide designers of structures with earthquake actions and general detailing requirements for use in the design of structures subject to earthquakes regarding the Standard Part 4 of the 1170 series.

AS 1170.4—2007 (supersede AS 1170.4—1993)
AS 1170 “Structural Design Actions” 117034 “Part 4 Earthquake Actions”

The Australian standard sets out procedures for determining earthquake actions and detailing requirements for structures and components to be used in the design of structures. The data and procedures for determining earthquake loads on structures and their components, and also minimum detailing requirements for structures. Elements that are— (a) attached to and supported by the structure but are not part of the seismic-force-resisting system; or(b) elements of the seismic-force-resisting system, which can be loaded by an earthquakein a direction not usually considered in the design of that element.

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