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Strut, Hangers and Supports

Attachment Devices Strut, Hangers, Supports

Seismic bracing has become a national concern. Vaico-ISAT has been a principal manufacturer and distributor of attachment devices. Now, with our product endorsement and strategic partnership with ISAT, the foremost authority in seismic code compliance, we have emerged as the clear choice for complete MEP and F seismic building code solutions.


Vaico/ISATs integrated seismic bracing and engineering support components are essential for gravity, wind, blast and seismic earthquake resisting systems. Unparalleled design, engineering, education and support will reduce labor and risk associated with seismic bracing and maximize project management processes starting from day one.

Together, Vaico and ISAT provide mechanical, electrical, piping and fire system professionals the products, guidance and support they need to streamline code compliance.

Vaico provides a variety of labor saving attachment devices and solutions for metal, concrete, wood, pre-pour concrete including:
  • Seismic kits
  • Strut and channel
  • Clevis hangers
  • CPVC straps
  • Pipe roller supports
  • Concrete attachment solutions
  • Metal attachment devices
  • Pre-pour concrete solutions
  • Powder actuated fasteners
  • Beam clamps
  • Pipe clamps & riser clamps
  • Pipe hangers and supports
  • Threaded & straight rod
  • Wedge cable supports
  • Wall brackets
  • Trapeze supports
  • Rod couplings, hex nuts, washers
  • Brackets and trolleys
  • Electrical supports
  • Low voltage Supports
  • Slab-on-grade supports
  • Ceiling wire / Anchors
  • Cast-in-place supports
  • Custom engineered supports