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Custom Engineering

VAICO's Custom Seismic Engineering Services

Vaico delivers a full range of custom engineering services for MEP & F supports. We can provide attachments to slabs, wav, underside of deck or supplementary support systems. Vaico can design and fabricate racks and frames as part of their custom engineering services to deliver a turn-key solution to your project

Upon a comprehensive review of concept design, VAICO’s engineering consultants apply seismic best practices based on VAICO’s comprehensive library of MEP seismic systems already designed and published.

The value engineering effort is scaled to the project size, complexity and status, and can be reviewed by your project managers during the concept design phase. The review allows stakeholders a better understanding of total cost associated with seismic bracing on nonstructural components, which could potentially reduce the life cycle cost of overall construction. In addition, alternative seismic mitigation designs can be incorporated.