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New Zealand Earthquake

Lessons Learned in the Wake of a Quake

New Zealand hospitals, communities, and residents faced ongoing bad news as engineers and construction professionals continued to sort through the aftermath of the magnitude 6.1 Christchurch Earthquake that occurred February 21, 2011, more than one thousand commercial buildings failed inspections after the quake. Parts of some hospitals were forced to close down or demolish portions of their facilities. Hundreds of local residents crowded city council meetings to send a strong message to city officials that restoring hospitals and other basic services must be a priority.

Then came the magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake that occured November 14, 2016. Again major disruption ensued. The Christchurch and Kaikoura Earthquakes captured the attention of construction professionals around the world as the devastating impact of these moderately sized earthquakes unfolded. Construction professionals agree lessons can be learned from these New Zealand Earthquakes and can be used to help protect buildings in other urban areas throughout NZ and the world.

VAICO 3D-BIM modeling

Seismic Performance


  • Certainty of Code Compliance
  • Protection of Lives, Equipment and Inventory
  • Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity
  • Reduced Installation Costs, Change Orders and RFI’s
  • Expertise in Seismic Building Code Regulations
  • Faster Project Approval Turnaround Time

VAICO is continually enhancing its design protocols and engineering services to reflect the latest information and technology. Contact VAICO to request a FREE seismic evaluation of an existing building, or to request information about seismic products and services that can CUT COSTS on future projects.

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