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Seismic Kits

Vaico-ISAT Seismic Bracing Kits

Vaico-ISAT Seismic Kits and Drawings for all Nonstructural Building Code Compliance.

Vaico/ISAT’s made to order complete seismic kits are one of the best ways for contractors and subcontractors to streamline the installation of seismically restrained suspended utilities. Included in each of these seismic kits are the necessary components (excluding strut) to install either rigid or cable brace assemblies on all MEP trades. These kits are pre-packaged in orange buckets labeled by floor, area, and trade. Each bucket is clearly tagged with an kit identification which correlates to an exact location on the seismic submittal plan set. Each kit’s identification is highlighted on the plan set and sent to the field for ease of installation and inspection. These easy to use kits and drawings are specifically designed in a way that even an apprentice can pick up a bucket and install the brace arms on any facility.

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Seismic Kits Typically Include:
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • All Rigid Seismic Brackets (Retrofitable)
  • Pre-Assembled Cable Brace Arms Fully Field Adjustable & Retrofitable
  • Rod Stiffener Bolts/Clips
  • Concrete Anchors
  • Beam Clamps & Bar Joist Clamp
Vibration Isolation Kits Typically Include:
  • Vibration isolation spring boxes sized for application
  • Pre-tied and adjustable seismic cable brace arms
  • Proper anchorage to structure 
  • Rod stiffeners
  • Engineered installation details