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Seismic Bracing

Vaico Seismic Bracing

Whether new or retro fit, Vaico, partnered with ISAT, provides cost saving seismic bracing solutions for all non-structural building utility systems to ensure code compliance.

Explore the VAICO Tool Box for all your Seismic Bracing Services & Solutions

CONSULTING:  With over 2800 seismic bracing projects completed, VAICO, in partnership with ISAT, brings a tremendous amount of experience with new or retro-fit projects to the New Zealand earthquake (EQ) mitigation market.

BUDGET ESTIMATING:  Determining the financial impact of local codes is paramount to a successful project. VAICO, partnered with ISAT, has a long history of providing seismic bracing solutions across the global construction industry. We are dedicated to assisting you with budget estimates and the impact of New Zealand’s newest seismic code requirements.

SPECIFICATION REVIEW:  A well defined stand-alone specification section, which states proper code reference information, a method to meet code and a rigid submittal process will ensure seismic bracing is addressed. VAICO is your chosen resource to provide seismic specification assistance.

INSTALLATION OVERSIGHT:  As an active member of the construction team, VAICO will augment the project team with installation oversight and inspection assistance. From staff education to installer training, we help to ensure code compliance.

HOSPITAL RETROFIT:  IL4 buildings in New Zealand, particularly hospitals, require code compliance. With over 1,000 hospital projects completed in less than ten years, VAICO, partnered with ISAT, have the breadth and knowledge crucial to hospital seismic retrofitting.  From conception to completion, VAICO has routinely exceeded our client’s expectations by finishing projects on time and within budget.

SEISMIC SPECIFICATIONS:  Construction, Occupancy, Protection, and Exposure (COPE) analysis drives seismic specification requirements for any construction project.  For example, seismic upgrades, beyond minimum code requirements, or new construction, may warrant additional earthquake mitigating bracing to ensure the health and safety risks of the building’s tenants/occupants.

ENGINEERING SERVICES:  VAICO offers a full spectrum of seismic engineering services throughout New Zealand.  As part of our tool box of services and in order to serve the wider Pacific Rim construction market, VAICO is able to leverage ISAT to provide additional seismic related services. These include consulting services, education seminars, estimating services, engineering services, specification review and installation oversight.

VALUE ENGINEERING:  Whether it is NZS4219:2009 or NZS1170 Part 5 ‘Earthquake Actions – New Zealand’ or even vertical support design, from concept to implementation VAICO engineers can assist at every phase of of your new or retrofit seismic projects.

BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING (BIM) – As the construction industry adopts Virtual Construction BIM modeling, VAICO & ISAT are prepared to deal with the stringent requirements and construction coordination issues of Seismic Bracing for Non-Structural Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Services.

EDUCATION SEMINARS: VAICO provides in-depth training classes to help construction professionals understand various building codes. These seminars will provide the audience with a solid understanding of the current seismic codes throughout New Zealand & Australia, and provide tools necessary to streamline code compliance.