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Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic Building Retrofitting Made Easy!

Whether you are dealing with a Christchurch earthquake remediation project, mitigating earthquake (EQ) exposure in your manufacturing plant, or determining that your existing facility meets current seismic codes, VAICO & ISAT are the resource for you.

Our team of engineers, project managers, surveyors, detailers, inspectors and installation partners has been hard at work honing the skills necessary to streamline the complications of seismic retrofitting on your project. Together, we are experts are partnering with site specific construction teams, either as stand alone or augment an in-place staff to streamline seismic bracing code compliance relative to mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP)systems.

Many companies have taken advantage of our efficiencies to reduce the financial implications of their project by streamlining the site survey process, engineering and installation of code compliant systems while reducing facility down time and inspection issues. Contact Us to get a better understanding of how we can assist your seismic retrofitting needs.

ISAT’s Hospital Retrofit Experience? Unmatched and Undeniable!

Year # of Hospital Projects Subcontractor Trades
2009 163 Hospital Projects 374 Separate MEP Trades
2008 198 Hospital Projects 463 Separate MEP Trades
2007 147 Hospital Projects 339 Separate MEP Trades
2006 125 Hospital Projects 287 Separate MEP Trades
2005 98 Hospital Projects 216 Separate MEP Trades
2004 91 Hospital Projects 180 Separate MEP Trades
2003 88 Hospital Projects 165 Separate MEP Trades

The seismic restraint of suspended HVAC ducts, fire protection piping, electrical utilities and plumbing/piping systems for hospital construction projects has been a daily function of ISAT for many years. Although we have a broad range of project types under our belt, we are extremely proud of our hospital experience.

If you are involved in healthcare construction, you are familiar with the issues that compound the process. Highly congested hospital corridors, more stringent code requirements and ambiguous inspection influences all complicate an already tricky construction project. Past experience has proven a solid understanding of inherent issues and a solid base knowledge of the seismic bracing code requirements by the entire construction and design team, can drastically streamline issues surrounding seismic bracing code compliance.

Contact VAICO to provide the latest insight to streamline your scope of work regarding seismic bracing code compliance for your projects.

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Key Aspects to Consider For Hospital Retrofitting

The ISAT Design, Installation and Inspection Manual in Conformance with NZS4219:2009; NZS 1170:5 is the most comprehensive seismic manual that provides guidelines for the design and installation of engineered seismic restraint systems for linear engineering systems. Utilizing the manual, combined with our current experience, has proven to be the single most effective tool in streamlining projects.