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Seismic Consulting

Seismic Consulting Services

Nationally recognized experts in seismic mitigation projects. Leverage VAICO Seismic Consulting Services to take the worry out of your projects.

Seismic evaluation of nonstructural systems in buildings is the first stage in seismic risk mitigation projects. With a long history of providing benefit-cost analysis of mitigation projects for seismic hazards, there is a distinct advantage in leveraging VAICO Consulting to manage your project from design to implementation. Combined, VAICO & ISAT bring to the table over 5,500 seismic bracing completed projects with over half of those projects under the International Building Codes. From reducing your liability, or ensuring code compliance, to streamlining the process, these are just a few of the many advantages to leveraging VIACO consulting services to manage nonstructural mitigation measures or seismic bracing for your project.

The design codes for structures to resist earthquake effects continues to evolve, becoming more stringent and governance more commonplace. VAICO’s Seismic Consulting Group are intimately familiar with code compliance and quality control during the seismic mitigation process.

Here are some of the ways our clients utilize VAICO as their seismic resource:
  • Understand the cost implications of the new code early in the budgeting process
  • Identify how the building code can be used in your favour to reduce seismic bracing
  • Reduce the RFI’s associated with non-structural seismic bracing
  • Uniform seismic specifications for all trades on a project
  • Reduce contract growth and change orders
  • Pre Bid seismic code seminars to bidders
  • Mitigate the risk factors associated with lack of code compliance
  • Special Inspection assistance for seismic bracing systems
  • 2D/3D MEP coordination of seismic bracing
  • 3D modelling of utility MEP utilities
  • Peer review
  • Creation of as-built drawings
  • Seismic retro-fit surveys and 3D scanning
  • Interaction with the local BCA’s

Who not only uses but benefits from VAICO’s consulting services?

  • General Contractors Construction Managers
  • MEP and F Design firms Structural Engineering Design firms
  • Architects MEP and F sub-contractors
  • Design Build Project Teams Health Care Facility Managers (Hospitals & clinics)
  • Risk Managers (insurance-driven mitigation programs to reduce loss of life, business interruption, and impact to the environment)

How confident are you with your current approach to dealing with the level of detail and implementation that is required for nonstructural bracing? Are you utilizing the latest code knowledge and construction practices?