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Seismic Project Estimates

Seismic Project Estimates

VAICO can assist in determining your project’s seismic cost.

Cost estimates are a daily function of the VAICO team. Due to legacy of non-compliant buildings in relation to seismic restraint of non-structural services, many project teams are being caught by surprise by the new variables and their related cost implications. By taking a close look at the project specifications and code required component categories, as well as the routing of the utilities, VAICO can help you determine if seismic bracing is required on your project, show you ways to reduce installation labour and provide you with a thorough seismic cost proposal. VAICO empowers the construction professional with the facts surrounding seismic bracing.

Terms to know before you bid a job under NZS4219:2009:
  • Building Importance Level – Range 1 through 5.
  • Component Category – Range P1 through P7.
  • Zone Factor (Z) – Determined from NZS1170 or NZS4219

Lessons Learned

Monetary losses in earthquakes due to nonstructural damage can be just as significant to losses due to structural damage. This is especially true in health care and industrial facilities. The potential cost of lost product, lost business, loss of life, and environmental impact can outweigh the overall cost associated with structural damage. More often than not, the financial impact of code required seismic bracing is not recognized until after project budgets are set by the building owners and typically after the subcontractors are on board. This can not only bust a budget, but can cause undue backlash and mountains of contested change orders and RFI’s.