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Seismic Installation Review

Augmenting Seismic Installation On Projects Internationally

As an active member of the preconstruction team, VAICO and ISAT will augment the project team with installation oversight and inspection assistance.

The common goal is to have the field labour install seismic bracing one time and install it correctly. Whether we work hand-in-hand with the local code authority, as an adjunct to the MEP Consultant or an extension of the jobsite quality control staff, our field services are unmatched in the industry.

While it is very important to write clear specifications, design in proper options and ensure the subcontractors carry a proper number in their bids, CODE compliance all comes down to inspection. Current construction practices have proven uninformed inspectors or misled installers are huge hurdles in the path of streamlined code compliance.

THE BIG QUESTION:  Who is responsible for providing an owner with a building that meets the code?

THE ANSWER:  In reality, it starts and ends with the Construction Oversight Team.

NZS4219:2009 Seismic Performance of Engineering Systems in Buildings

VAICO has vested interest in code compliance.Contact VAICOto assist you on your project with a seamless method to bring cost effective code compliance to your team.

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