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Seismic Specifications

Seismic Specifications for MEP & F Systems

While many seismic specifications are integrated into the vibration isolation specification section, we recognize this can contribute to many problems associated with seismic code compliance.

A well-defined stand-alone specification section which states proper code reference information, a method to meet code and a rigid submittal process will ensure seismic bracing is addressed.

The seismic specifications are designed to provide clear guidance to understanding proper code sections and methods desired to meet code. In addition, a specific submittal process is referenced, which is critical to demonstrating code compliance. This submittal process and content is carefully structured to initiate proper consideration for seismic mitigation requirements carefully annotated in the bid process at the onset of a project.


Dealing with seismic bracing early is the best way to streamline code compliance.

If submittals are not addressed at the beginning of a project, it should send caution signs to the oversight team. These seismic layout drawings and submittals referenced are also used as an inspection tool for the quality assurance professional.

In many cases, the local building consent authorities are not staffed or informed enough to inspect the bracing; therefore, they virtually assume it is done correctly.

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