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Vibration Mounts

Seismic Vibration Mounts

ISAT is partnered with Kinetics Noise Control therefore VAICO is able to provide the New Zealand market with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing innovative products to control sound and vibration. Together, with engineers from VAICO and ISAT, we are able to tackle the most complex projects currently being undertaken and provide a complete solution for all vibration isolation, room acoustics and non-structural seismic bracing needs as required by building code and consultant specifications.

Seismic Vibration Mounts Include:

  • Modular Restraint Isolators
  • Seismic and Wind Restraint Vibration Isolator
  • Restrained Spring Isolators
  • Seismic Snubbers
  • Isolation Hangers
  • Thrust Restraints
  • Flex Connectors
  • Spring Riser Guide
  • Pipe Anchors
  • Air Mounts

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