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Vaico Partnerships | Seismic Bracing Products and Services

International Seismic Application Technologies ISAT
VAICO and ISAT (www.isatsb.com) have combined their specialised strengths to provide clients unrivalled service and experience for seismic restraint needs. ISAT, a veteran in non-structural seismic bracing brings its global suite of high quality specialised products and services to the table, supplementing VAICO’s product offering. The partnership includes over 40 years of company experience, a world class engineering team, and innovative, reliable product solutions all delivered by VAICO’s team of dedicated employees committed to customer success.

Kinetics Noise Control
ISAT is partnered with Kinetics Noise Control (www.kineticsnoise.com) therefore VAICO is able to provide the New Zealand market with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing innovative products to control sound and vibration. Kinetics which has celebrated its 50th year in 2008 now produces the industry’s largest selection of innovative products to address vibration/noise control and room acoustics. Together with engineers from VAICO and ISAT we are able to tackle the most complex projects currently being undertaken and provide a complete solution for all vibration isolation, room acoustics and non-structural seismic bracing needs as required by building code and consultant specifications.